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This ARW Policy discloses the practices for The Antwan Dominique Reese Foundation, Inc. Our policy disclosure will inform you of the following







This  respite wish  is  solely for the caregiver (s) of the disabled youth and/or adult. The Applicants disabled youth and/or adult must be receiving services from (DDD) The Division of Developmental Disabilities*( proof of eligibility is required ). This respite wish will accommodate the  primary caregiver and one (1) guest. This  respite wish is given once in a lifetime to the caregiver (s) of the  disable  youth and/or  adult.


The Antwan Dominique Reese Foundation, Inc. disclaims any/all conditions for receiving financial awards. Monetary gifts are not included within the Respite Wish Package. And the Respite Wish Package will not  be exchanged in lieu of 

a monetary gift.


Please Note   Submitting an application and/or letter does not guarantee that you will be awarded a  Respite Wish or Scholarship. If you are chosen to receive a Respite Wish from The Antwan Dominique Reese Foundation, Inc. we will incur 80% of the expense. The remaining 20% will be the responsibility of the recipient if you should desire to purchase additional items: 


i.e.  spending money, souvenirs, extra excursions and any other items not included within the “ Respite Wish Package”.


If you are the recipient of the Respite Wish Package ,The Antwan Dominique Reese Foundation, Inc. will issue the recipient of the respite wish package a formal acceptance letter and a application to complete. Upon returning the respite application it must be the original application in which was provided to the recipient ( no copies will be  accepted ). Any/All copies will deem the application null & void and will not  be accepted.


If You Are Chosen To Receive A Respite Wish – The Respite Wish Package depends on available funding - ( 1 ) Wish Will  Be Chosen Out Of The ( 3 ) Wishes Submitted

- The Chosen Wish Will Be At The Discretion Of The Foundation.


All  respite wish package recipients must accept the  respite wish package within 30 days of the  awarded  date. If  you are unable to accept  the  respite wish package for any reason, you will automatically forfeit the respite wish package and will be  required to resubmit your request. Resubmission waiting  period  is (1) year.


The Antwan Dominique Reese Foundation, Inc. does not / will not provide baby sitting services and or nursing / professional care for your loved one of  any kind if you choose to accept this. The parent/guardian will be held responsible for setting up baby sitting services and or nursing / professional care for their loved one if they choose to accept this respite wish package”. Please see the list of potential providers for after hours special needs care, located on our resource page.* Please Be Advised The Antwan Dominique Reese Foundation, Inc. will not be held liable for the provider of choice.


Income  Requirement

Total Household income cannot exceed $38,500 per year ***


***The recipient is required to accept the terms and conditions of this A.R.W. POLICY to receive the Respite Wish. Prior/Current years tax records are required as proof of income. The Respite Wish Package depends on available funding.


A photo / statement release  is  required to receive the  Respite Wish.


Updated 7/23/2017


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