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About Us

Our Foundation Was Created To-


Bring Community Awareness To The Daily Responsibilities Of A Special Needs Caregiver.


And To Provide A Respite Wish For The Caregivers Of Special Needs Youths & Adults.



We Have Over 22 Years Of Experience Implementing And Providing Services To Individuals With Developmental Disabilities.  


From Birth To Adulthood, The Caregiver’s Responsibility Does Not Stop Because The Child With A Disability Becomes An Adult, The Disability And The Need Is Still There.


Imagine If Your (8) Hour Work Day Became A (24) Hour Work Day, This Would Make It Impossible For You To Get The Needed Rest That Prepares You For The Next Day Of Care, That You Provide To Your Special Needs Loved One.


As This Cycle Repeats, While The Caregiver Is Providing Care To Their Disabled Loved One, Who Is Providing Care To The Caregiver?  


As With Everything Else, Your Body Needs To Rejuvenate, May It Be Mentally Or Physically. A Day/Moment Of Rest For The Caregiver Will Make The Difference In The Care They Provide To Their Disabled Loved Ones.


To Receive Our Services The Disabled Youth Or Adult Must Be Receiving Services From The Division Of Developmental Disabilities- Through the State of New Jersey.

Our Goal Is To Assist & Support The Caregiver With Support Services.



To Utilize The SEE Effect TM



As We Promote The 3 R's of Life TM 






To Enrich The Lives  Of The Special Needs Community. As We Bring Community Awareness To The Daily Responsibilities Of A Special Needs Caregiver.  




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